Drunk Driving Laws in Mexico

Mexico is a common vacation destination for Arizona residents. Mexico is known for having drinking laws that are more lax than the United States. If you’re traveling to Mexico, it’s important for you to know the DUI laws and the implications a DUI will have on you.

What is the Drinking Age in Mexico?

The legal drinking age in Mexico is 18.

What is the Legal Limit for Drunk Driving in Mexico?

The national drunk driving limit is a blood alcohol content of 0.08; however the limit in the State where you’re staying may be lower.

Are there Alcohol Checkpoints in Mexico?


What are the Penalties for DUI in Mexico?

If you arrested for DUI in Mexico, you will likely spend at least 24 hours in jail and be fined $2,500.00.

What are the Open Container Laws in Mexico?

In general, drivers in Mexico cannot drink while driving. Your passengers may drink while you’re driving.

Are you Allowed to Drink in Public in Mexico?

It’s generally permissible to drink alcohol in public, so long as it’s not excessive.

If I Get a DUI in Mexico, will it Affect my Driving Privileges in the United States?

Maybe. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, a DUI in Mexico will go on your American driving record if the Mexican authorities inform the State that issued your driver’s license of your conviction.

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Photo credit: Jellaluna from Flickr