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drugged drivingNationwide public awareness campaigns and harsher penalties, among other things, have caused drunk driving to decrease.  However, many drivers are now being charged with what is commonly referred to as “drugged driving:” driving under the influence of prescription narcotics and illegal drugs.   According to the National Roadside Survey of Alcohol and Drug Use by Drivers, sixteen percent of drivers tested positive for illegal drugs and over-the-counter medications when stopped on weekend evenings.  Driving under the influence of drugs, such as anti-anxiety medications, painkillers, muscle relaxers and sedatives, can impair a person’s ability to drive much like driving under the influence of alcohol.  Furthermore, driving under the influence of medication, even medication for which you have a valid prescription, may result in criminal penalties similar to penalties for drinking and driving.  In addition, the effects of prescription medication can vary widely depending on the type of drug and the individual taking the drug.  This variance makes it difficult to determine what amount of a drug in the body will cause impairment, and the law does not set a bright line rule to make this determination.

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