Dealing With the MVD

Have you ever met someone who never gave you a straight answer to your questions and, if they did, they changed that answer the next day?    If you are experienced in these types of relationships, you will have less trouble addressing concerns with MVD.  Unfortunately, if you have been accused of a DUI, you will have to deal with the MVD as well as the court.  Dealing with the MVD can leave you confused and frustrated, but knowing just a few things can help you avoid some hassle.

First, you must understand that the MVD process is, for the most part, separate and distinct from what will happen to you in the courtroom.

Second, MVD is literally “King of the road.”  Now, this is where it gets confusing – you will run into circumstances where the court will enter an order, for example telling you that you have to have an interlock ignition device on your vehicle, but it is MVD that administers installation and maintenance of the interlock.

Confused yet? Ok, that is normal. Think of it as follows: the legislature told MVD that it is their duty to ensure the safety of Arizona’s roads.  MVD then created a system of rules and procedures to ensure drivers are safe and compliant with MVD rules.

That being said, the Arizona criminal courts also have jurisdiction to take away, limit or restrict your driving privileges as punishment for criminal violations.  When this occurs, the court issues what is called an “MVD abstract” that is electronically transmitted to MVD with instructions on what to do with that driver and their license.  For example, if you have committed a DUI but MVD has not taken any action on your license, the court will order MVD to suspend your license upon conviction.

The exact process you will have to go through with the MVD may differ from case to case.  An experienced DUI attorney can help guide you through the steps and make sure your experience with the MVD is as positive as possible.

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