DEA Hosts the National Prescription Drug Take-Back Initiative

On April 30th from ten (10) a.m. to two (2) p.m., the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and local law enforcement agencies will host the second National Prescription Drug Take-Back Initiative.  The event was created to prevent prescription drug abuse and theft and will provide seventy-five (75) locations for Arizona residents to discard expired, unused, or unwanted prescription drugs free of charge. According to DEA Agent Doug Coleman, “This effort symbolizes DEA’s commitment to halting the disturbing rise in addiction caused by their misuse and abuse. Working together with our state and local partners and concerned public, we will eliminate a major source of abused prescription drugs, and reduce the hazard they pose to our families and communities in a safe, legally and environmentally sound way.”

In September 2010, Arizona residents discarded over three (3) tons of prescription drugs during the inaugural National Prescription Drug Take-Back Initiative, and the DEA is hoping to collect more prescription drugs during this year’s event. To participate in the program, visit www.dea.gov and click on the “Got Drugs?” icon to find the drop-off location nearest you.

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