CSI: NY Star Carmine Giovinazzo Arrested for DUI

Carmine Giovinazzo, best known as Detective Danny Messer on “CSI: NY,” was arrested for DUI in Scottsdale, Arizona. As stated in the police report, cops spotted Carmine swerving all over the road in the early morning. When pulled over, cops could smell the alcohol coming from Carmine and noticed he had bloodshot watery eyes and slurred speech. When asked to take a breath test, Carmine’s blood alcohol level registered at .149. That is twice the legal limit in Arizona.

So what makes this DUI arrest unique from most others? The arresting officer describes Carmine as being the nicest DUI arrest ever. As the officer states, Carmine was extremely apologetic and even admitted he was driving erratically because he was lost and was using a GPS. When asked about the alcohol smell, Carmine continued to admit that he did have a drink at the W hotel in Scottsdale. In turn, the cop returned the attitude and proceeded to not treat Carmine as a “criminal” but rather as a good person simply having a bad day. Carmine mentions feeling that the officer actually showed him respect throughout the entire process.

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