Common Medications Could be Impacting Your Driving

While not something that most people usually think about, the medications you take could have a marked effect on your driving ability.  If you drive impaired while taking prescription drugs, you could be charged with a DUI under ARS § 28-1381.A.

Luckily, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has created a free online tool that users can use to compare their medications and receive personalized, confidential feedback about how they may interact and affect their driving.  The tool, named Roadwise Rx, is aimed at seniors but can be used by anyone.  Roadwise Rx will also compare all of a user’s medications and show general information, possible food interactions, pharmaceutical interactions, and side effects that could affect driving for each one.  The goal of this tool is to get users to think about their medications and to talk with their doctors about how their driving may be affected and how to mitigate any side effects.

ARS § 28-1381.D protects drivers who can show that they were taking drugs as prescribed by their doctor from being charged with a DUI.  It does not, however, protect drivers under the effects of over-the-counter medications and is not an excuse to drive unsafely.

Roadwise Rx can be found at www.roadwiserx.com.  If you have any questions about how any of your medications may be affecting your driving ability, please contact your doctor immediately.

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The Legal Jargon: ARS § 28-1381


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