Closing Loopholes in Medical Marijuana Law

Phoenix Republican Senator Kimberly Yee is the primary sponsor of three medical marijuana bills aimed at closing “loopholes” in the 2010 voter-mandated medical marijuana law and providing university researchers with the opportunity to study the effects of medical marijuana.  One bill sponsored by Senator Yee directs Police to destroy medical marijuana that is seized by law enforcement during a criminal investigation.  A second bill, sponsored by Senator Yee, would require the placement of warning labels on edible marijuana products that are attractive to children such as ice cream and candy.  When asked about the bills, Senator Yee said. “I think it’s important for voters to know that as we have these types of statewide ballot initiatives, to read them and get a full extent of what they’re about . . . for instance, I think it would be important to let readers know the medical marijuana act allowed for infants and young children to have access to medical marijuana. I don’t think voters realized there was no age restriction.”

Although it is legal to possess medical marijuana, it is still against the law to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana. Under Arizona law, a person may be found guilty of DUI even though he is not high at the time of arrest.  If a blood test shows any “metabolite” of a drug in a person’s system, a court may find him guilty of DUI.  Because medical marijuana remains in a person’s system long after the initial use, medical marijuana cardholders must be extra cautious when they choose to operate a vehicle.

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