Charged with an Arizona DUI? 5 Questions to Ask About Your Phoenix DUI Attorney. Your Future Depends On It!

Arizona is notorious for having some of the toughest DUI laws in the Country. Couple that with some of the most zealous police agencies in America when it comes to DUI enforcement, and the decision of what attorney to hire when charged with an Arizona DUI becomes an important one.

There are a few questions to ask if you find yourself in need of a Phoenix DUI attorney. The answers to these questions will help you see which attorney will give you the best opportunity to minimize the serious negative effects that a DUI conviction can have on your life. Unfortunately, even a “routine” first-time DUI in Arizona can have devastating consequences. Choosing the right DUI attorney in Arizona can make all the difference.

  1. How long has this attorney been practicing Arizona DUI law?

You need an attorney that has seen it all, and knows how to handle every twist in your case. An Arizona DUI attorney with five or ten years of experience may be caught off guard with a unique fact in your case or the prosecution’s tactics. Find an attorney with twenty or more years of Arizona-specific DUI experience.

  1. How much trial experience does this attorney have?

Be specific here. Ask how many trials an attorney has done. Despite what TV might show, many attorneys rarely, if ever, go to trial. In fact, some will do whatever it takes to avoid going to trial. You need a lawyer who is experienced in the courtroom and is not afraid to go to trial if necessary. Seek out an Arizona DUI attorney with 50 or more jury trials.

  1. How many DUI cases has this attorney handled?

You need an Arizona DUI  attorney, not a bankruptcy or divorce attorney that recently started handling Arizona DUI cases. Fifty or sixty cases in the past is not good enough. It is your future you are putting in the hands of an attorney. Every attorney needs to learn from years of concentrated experience, but do not let them learn from your case. Use an Arizona DUI attorney that already has the experience specific to Arizona DUI law.

  1. Has this attorney handled cases in the court where my case is assigned?

It is vital that your attorney is familiar with the court where your case is assigned. An attorney who knows the different procedures and preferences of judges and courts is able to position your case in a way that is most beneficial to you. If you are in Phoenix or a surrounding city or your DUI occurred in the Phoenix area, find a Phoenix DUI attorney or firm that routinely handles cases in the court where your case will be filed. A DUI attorney in Phoenix is easy to find, but remember to ask the other 4 questions.

  1. What do this attorney’s past clients say about him or her?

The best source for information about the work of an attorney is the clients who have used them in the past. Look for a Phoenix DUI attorney that has personal contact with his or her clients and keeps them up-to-date. Stay away from “drive-through” Arizona DUI attorneys that rarely meet their clients, pass off clients’ files to their staff, or fail to keep clients informed.

Choose carefully, your future is at stake. By asking these questions, you will ensure that your Arizona DUI attorney will guide you through the treacherous legal process. This will leave you free to put your life back together instead of dealing with the complicated legal aspects of your DUI.

If you or a loved one have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony DUI, it is important to have an experienced DUI attorney on your side.  At Oracle Law Group Office, P.C., we have veteran DUI attorneys who will aggressively defend you as well as coach you through this difficult time.  Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.