Car Crash from Drunk Driving Kills One

According to Peoria Police spokesman Jay Davies, forty-year-old (42) James Grunert was arrested on suspicion of DUI after he was involved in a four-vehicle car accident that killed one woman near 83rd Avenue and Union Hills Drive.  Officers believe Mr. Grunert was speeding when his SUV rear ended sixty-four-year-old (64) Kathleen Petrotta’s car pushing her vehicle across the intersection. Mr. Grunert’s vehicle then collided with two other vehicles. Ms. Petrotta later died at the hospital from injuries she sustained in the accident. A thirty-five-year-old (35) man was also taken to a local hospital with minor injuries, and the driver of the third vehicle was unharmed.  Mr. Grunert submitted to a blood test while in police custody and was released pending the DUI results.

Under Arizona law, a person involved in an alcohol related automobile accident can be charged with aggravated DUI, negligent homicide, manslaughter or second degree murder depending on the circumstances surrounding the offense. Aggravated DUI is a Class 4 felony.  Aggravated DUI can result in imprisonment for up to 3.75 years.  Aggravated DUI may also result in fines up to $4000, installation of an ignition interlock device, and three-year license revocation. Negligent homicide is a Class 4 felony and can result in imprisonment for up to 3.75 years for a first offense.  Manslaughter is a Class 2 felony that can result in imprisonment for up to 12.5 years for a first offense.  Finally, second degree murder is a Class 1 felony that may result in imprisonment for up to twenty-five (25) years.

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