Can I Get Work Furlough When I’m Incarcerated for Extreme DUI?

Can I Get Work Furlough When I’m Incarcerated for Extreme DUI?

An extreme DUI in Arizona comes with a mandatory 30-day jail sentence. That’s a long time to miss work. Some inmates may have the option for work furlough – a program where the inmate goes to work during the day and returns to the detention facility to sleep at night.

How Do I Know If I Qualify For Work Furlough?

You have to apply to the work furlough program. All cases are screened before work furlough begins.

Does It Cost Anything?

Yes. There’s an initial $125 fee and a daily fee of one hour’s wages plus $3.

Does My Employer Have To Know?

Yes. You cannot participate in work furlough without a Letter of Understanding from your employer.

How Long Can I Be Out Each Day?

Inmates can be out up to 12 hours per day. This includes the time it takes you to travel to and from work. If your employer requires you to work 12-hour shifts and they won’t modify your work schedule while you’re incarcerated, you will not be eligible for work furlough – you will spend your 30 days in jail.

Can I Participate in Work Furlough if I Work Part-time?

No. Only full-time employees are eligible for work furlough in Arizona.

What If I’m a Student & I got a DUI?

Work furlough may also be used by DUI offenders who are attending school, vocational, or rehabilitative programs. You will need a Letter of Understanding from your school or program.

My Boss Fired Me When I Got My Extreme DUI. Can I Use Work Furlough To Look For Work?

Yes. If you have at least 45 days left in your sentence and you’re employable, you may have 5 days to search for a job to attend during work furlough.

What If I’m Self-Employed?

You may qualify for work furlough if you can provide 2 years of income tax records and business and tax licenses.

Are there any other restrictions?

Yes. Arizona DUI offenders are lonely allowed to participate in work furlough 5 days a week. During work furlough, you may not work out of a residence, work for family or friends, or go to your home. You will be monitored by probation and surveillance officers during the program, and you will be monitored for drug and alcohol use.