Can I Be Deported If I Am Convicted Of DUI?

Unfortunately, it is possible that your DUI conviction could result in your deportation or in you becoming ineligible for citizenship in the United States.

How it works:

Why You Could Be Deported

The United States Citizenship and Naturalization Services can have you deported if the crime involved “moral turpitude” or if it was a violent crime under the immigration laws. Although a regular DUI is usually not a crime that involves moral turpitude, the United States Citizenship and Naturalization Services can determine that any aggravating factors upon getting a DUI are moral turpitude in nature.

Getting an aggravated DUI charge in Arizona is a felony charge. If, for example, you were charged for DUI and driving while your license was suspended, then you would receive an aggravated DUI charge. Having an aggravated DUI on your record could result in you being labeled as possessing bad moral character during your naturalization interview. This could severely affect your eligibility for citizenship in the United States.

If you have a green card and get a DUI, you can be deported if you are convicted of two or more crimes that involve moral turpitude, a drug-related crime, or an aggravated felony. Even if you plead “no contest” to your conviction, the immigration law treats convictions and pleas of “no contest” (or “nolo contendere”) the same as long as some form of punishment resulted.