Blood Alcohol Content Level (BAC) Apps for Android Phones

There are many free apps for Android phones that can help you track your alcohol consumption and estimate your blood-alcohol content (BAC). These apps are for entertainment purposes only; they can only estimate your BAC.

1. Blood Alcohol Calculator – Free

This app uses Widmark’s Formula which uses your weight, your gender, and duration of drinking to estimate your BAC. The app has default values are for beer, wine, spirits and a custom drink, but it also allows you customize the size and alcohol percentage of each drink..

2. AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker – Free

This app charts you daily, weekly, and/or monthly drinking habits and has a BAC calculator. It estimates of your BAC based on the drinks you’ve logged and plots your BAC development in a chart that indicates when you will get below the legal limit or back to 0.00.

3. Alcohol Permille Calculator – Free

This app is a simple BAC calculator that only considers your weight, the amount of alcohol consumed, and time.

4.ALCulator BAC Calculator– Free

This app estimates your BAC using your weight, your gender, and the number and types of drinks you’ve consumed. It comes with a default set of generic drink types and sizes, but these can be customized to reflect your drinking habits.

5. Drunk Droid – Free

This app considers your weight, your gender, and the number and type of drinks consumed in estimating your BAC. The app will also estimate when your BAC will be back to 0.00.

6. Alc Calc – Free

This BAC app lets you add your own drinks to the drink catalog to more easily estimate your BAC. It also allows you to post your estimated BAC on your Facebook page.

7.Breathalyser– Free

This app estimates your BAC based on your weight, your gender, the alcohol content in each drink, the volume of each drink, the number of drinks consumed, and whether you drank on a full or empty stomach. It contains information about the legal BAC limits for nearly 60 countries.

8. R-U-Buzzed? BAC Calculator – Free

This app gives BAC estimates based on Colorado law. It takes your weight, gender, and volume of alcohol consumed into consideration when estimating your BAC. R-U-Buzzed considers one drink to be 12oz beer, 5oz wine, or 1.5oz of hard liquor. This app could be hard to use if your drink doesn’t easily fit into the app’s definition of one or multiple drinks.

9. Accident & DUI Help – BAC Test – Free

This app estimates your BAC using the same regulations as the United States Department of Transportation. If your estimated BAC shows that you are drunk, the “Call a Cab” function will help you contact a local cab company.

If you are arrested for DUI you can use the “Quick-Click Notification” to inform family and friends via text and email that you have been arrested, the GPS location of the arrest and the names and telephone numbers of local lawyers who are always on call to provide 24/7 emergency legal help. The app also has a “Call Lawyer Now” button and a “Quick-Click Recorder” to record your interaction with the arresting police officer.

10.jAlcoMeter– Free

This app estimates your BAC by using your weight, your gender, and the amount of alcohol consumed. It lets you edit the drink library, including the volume and alcohol percentage of each drink. This app also estimates the amount of time until you are sober again.

11.Alcohol Calculator– Free

This app estimates your BAC using your weight, your gender, how many drinks you’ve consumed, and the time. You may only use the drinks on the predefined list in the app.

12.Blood Alcohol Calculator– Free

This app comes with a list of common drink types and gives you the ability to add new drinks to the list. It estimates your BAC based on the number of drinks you’ve consumed, your weight, and the number of hours you’ve spent drinking.

Android is expected to release a breathalyzer device that you can blow into that connects to your Android phone in 2012. 

Please note these apps cannot be used as evidence of your ability to safely drive after drinking. If you question whether you’re safe to drive, have a friend or cab take you home. In Arizona, you can be charged with a DUI if you’re driving is impaired by any amount of alcohol. 

If you have been arrested for DUI, please contact an attorney for DUI at Oracle Law Group Office P.C. for assistance with your DUI case. 

Photo credit: secretlondon123 from Flickr