BlackBerry Pulls DUI Application

BlackBerryBased on a request from Democratic Senators Harry Reid of Nevada, Charles Schumer of New York, Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey, and Tom Udall of New Mexico, Research in Motion (RIM), the company that makes the BlackBerry, has agreed to pull an application that allows users to identify the locations of local police DUI checkpoints. The Senators also asked Apple and Google to discontinue sale of the application for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices; however, these companies have yet to respond to the request. One of the applications, according to the Senators, contains a database updated in real time of DUI checkpoints and another application, with more than ten (10) million users, allows users to notify other drivers of the checkpoints. According to the Senators, RIM thanked them “for bringing the issue to the company’s attention and said they would comply with the senators’ request to remove the application, likely within the day.”  In response, the Senators said, “Drunk drivers will soon have one less tool to evade law enforcement and endanger our friends and families. We appreciate RIM’s immediate reply and urge the other smartphone makers to quickly follow suit.”

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