Bill to Eliminate Ignition Interlock Fails. Contact an Arizona DUI Lawyer with Arizona DUI Questions

ignition interlockAccording to the Arizona Republic, 1337 bills were proposed by Arizona lawmakers this session, and last week was the deadline for proposed bills in both the House and Senate to obtain hearings with the House and Senate Committees.  However, several hundred of those bills were not granted hearings.  When a bill is not granted a public hearing in its originating chamber, the bill dies.  Among those bills that did not pass was HB 2371 which proposed to eliminate the DUI ignition interlock device requirement for first time DUI offenders.

Current Arizona law requires first time DUI offenders to install an ignition interlock device for at least one year. Once the device is installed on a person’s vehicle, the driver will be forced to blow into the device every time he or she starts the vehicle and again every fifteen to thirty minutes while the vehicle is still running.  Additionally, according to the Motor Vehicle Division’s website, the ignition interlock device must be inspected by a certified ignition interlock installer every thirty days for the first three months and every other month for the duration of the device installation requirement.  This inspection will determine whether the person is in compliance with the requirements of the device.  Further, Arizona Revised Statute § 28-1461, states that proof of compliance with the device and proof of inspection of the device must be provided to the department of installation at least once every ninety days while the device is installed on the person’s vehicle.  Finally, the department will extend the ignition interlock device period if it has reasonable grounds to believe that (1) the device has been tampered with or circumvented; (2) the person attempted to drive the vehicle with a blood alcohol content that exceeds the presumptive limit (3) a person under the age of twenty-one attempted to drive the vehicle with any alcohol in his or her system during the restricted period; or (4) the person did not provide proof to the department of compliance and inspection.

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