Oracle Law Group Office: the right choice

Oracle Law Group Office has a proven track record of success.

Of the 127 client cases on the Oracle Law Group Office Web site, over 100 have been dismissed, leaving defendants free of all penalties.

The types of charges that made up the 127 listed client cases include: DUI; extreme DUI; super extreme DUI; second offense DUI; underage DUI; disorderly conduct; criminal trespassing; criminal damage; armed robbery; possession of marijuana (class 6 felony); reckless driving; prostitution; theft; assault; aggravated assault; disorderly conduct; class 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 felony; trafficking of stolen property; criminal speed; drugs; sexual abuse; unlawful discharge of firearm; resisting arrest; criminal damage; shoplifting; prescription drug possession; attempted theft of credit card; fraudulent use of credit card; taking identity of another; endangerment; hit and run fixture and driving on revoked driver license.

What does this mean? It means that we have a track record of positive results. This means you get the representation you deserve to have. You and your case get the attention that they deserve. You and your DUI case will be defended through any necessary means, even if this means taking your case to trial.

We have a highly skilled team, trained to know how to get you and your DUI case favorable results.

While Oracle Law Group Office cannot guarantee that any and every charge will be dismissed, in most cases we have been able to reduce our client’s penalties. Probation, a $300 fine, traffic school and 120 days-in-jail reduced to only 10 days in jail are some great examples of this.

We encourage you to visit us at  http://www.phoenixarizonaduilawyer.com/case-results.html for more details on our case results and to view the complete list of results we have obtained for cases that may be similar to yours. And remember, if you need an experienced DUI lawyer, call Oracle Law Group Office today.