Oracle Law Group Office; An Anomaly

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About a third of the Ahwatukee Foothills’ offices may be standing empty, but paying a monthly rent is no longer a concern of lawyer Melanie Beauchamp’s.

About four years ago, Beauchamp decided it was wasteful and pointless to continue paying $4,100 a month in rent for a 1,200-square-foot office in Ahwatukee Foothills. So instead, Beauchamp decided she would buy a place to call her own.

While a lot of office space buildings have for-lease signs in the windows and others have been put up for sale by landlords frustrated with a lack of tenants, Oracle Law Group Office feels no such struggle.

There has been a trend toward working from home, and although some observers think it’s just a matter of time before professionals and small-business owners go back to leasing offices, others view the vacancies as part of a sea change.

People are productive at home and it works.

But what works for Melanie Beauchamp is owning her own office building.

Beauchamp purchased a 4,200-square-foot single-story office condo near 44th Street and Ray Road at a price of $160,000. Considering the freedom and sense of ownership the place provides, Beauchamp feels her decision to buy was well worth it.

Beauchamp doesn’t have to worry about anyone telling her how to decorate or that there are no pets allowed. Instead, she does with the space whatever she feels like.

“People know you are not fly-by-night,” said Beauchamp, a member of Phoenix’s Ahwatukee Foothills Village Planning Committee. “I put granite and travertine in here. Would I do that in a leased space?”

Beauchamp says the reason to own is clear—there’s a camaraderie and pride of ownership at her place that you won’t find everywhere.

Beauchamp said she designed her office from the slab up. It is decorated in soothing shades of brown, deep red and ocean blue. And the hallways are built to conceal one office from the next.

Just know that a lot of careful thought and preparation goes into not only the residence we call “work” but into each and every individual case.

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