Baseball Star Todd Helton Arrested for DUI

Colorado Rockies baseball player, Todd Helton, is best known for being a five-time All Star, four-time Silver Slugger, and three-time Gold Glove Award winner. However, his recent DUI arrest just might change that. People may now remember him as entering the Horrible Mugshot Hall of Fame, along with one of the most unfortunate stories to go with it.

Todd Helton, who has made more than $160 million in his career, including a nine-year, $141.5 million contract, was arrested for DUI after driving to the gas station near his house to buy lottery tickets–definitely not the jackpot he wanted to hit. Helton recently released an apology to the community for his poor judgment. He mentions spending his entire career working to set a positive example, and now, after one night, it could all be damaged. Helton plans on taking full responsibility for his actions.

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