Average Driver Drives Drunk 87 Times before Facing DUI Charges. Contact a Phoenix DUI Lawyer today

duiAccording to Kelly Larkin, executive director of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, about fifteen (15) percent of drivers convicted of driving under the influence nationwide will reoffend.  Specifically, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety found that last year 18,000 drivers were cited for a DUI and nearly ten (10) percent of those drivers had a prior DUI conviction. Even more concerning, according to Ms. Larkin, “the average driver drives drunk eighty-seven (87) times before their first arrest. The chances of it being their first time are probably pretty slim.”

As a solution to the problem, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office operates a program that identifies drivers who are frequently caught for DUI.   According to Aaron Harder, Chief of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Vehicular Crimes Division, the program allows the court to check Arizona’s Motor Vehicle Department Records to determine whether the person’s driving privileges have been suspended, revoked or restricted due to a previous DUI conviction, and if so, the person may face felony charges of aggravated DUI.  In addition, a person arrested for DUI who was previously convicted of a DUI within the last seven years may also face felony charges of aggravated DUI. This program is particularly important in Arizona because a person can be cited for DUI by multiple different parties: twenty different police agencies, the Arizona Department of public safety and county sheriff’s offices.

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