Arrests at the Arizona Department of Corrections

In a recent blog on the Arizona Department of Corrections website, DOC Director Charles Ryan disclosed that, over the past 4 1/2 years, there have been 640 arrests of DOC staff members. The majority of these arrests were for suspicion of domestic violence, assault, fighting, drug use and drunk driving. In 2012 alone, DOC records show that there were 140 citations or arrests; the majority of which were for DUI. According to DOC spokesman, Bill Lamoreaux, these issues were publicly disclosed to encourage DOC employees to seek help when needed through the Department’s free employee-assistance program. Mr. Ryan said “the behavior of a few employees who choose to involve themselves in illegal activity significantly impacts the public’s perception of the law-abiding employees of this agency. When the bad behavior of the few becomes public knowledge, the confidence and trust placed in all of us by the citizens of Arizona is eroded.”

According to the Department, a DOC employee arrested on suspicion of a first DUI may be suspended without pay. A DOC employee convicted of a second DUI or a felony may be terminated from employment.

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