Arizona’s New DUI Law

On April 29, 2011, Governor Jan Brewer signed into law SB 1200, a law that drastically changed Arizona’s DUI laws that will take effect December 31, 2011. SB 1200 reduced Arizona’s penalties for DUI convictions and significantly changed the rights Arizona law provides DUI offenders.

(1)   The law decreased the ignition interlock requirement for first time non-extreme DUI offenders from twelve (12) months to six (6) months.

(2)    The law provides Judges with more discretion to reduce the amount of jail time for both non-extreme and extreme DUI convictions.

(3)    The law gives Justice Court Judges the option of replacing jail time with home detention through the use of an electronic ankle bracelet.

(4)   The law removed the automatic right to a jury trial for non-extreme DUI offenders. (Extreme DUI offenders and those facing a second DUI offense still have an automatic right to a jury trial.)

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