Pulled over for DUI and facing Arizona DUI charges? Contact a Phoenix Arizona DUI Lawyer

phoenix policeIf you are pulled over for a DUI, there are certain steps that you should follow: (1) You should provide the officer with your driver’s license and registration, but Arizona DUI law does not require you to answer any questions.  Although you may feel pressured to respond to the officer’s questions, you should refrain from doing so because you may accidentally admit to something that will later be used against you in court. (2) You should immediately request to confidentially call a Phoenix Arizona DUI lawyer at the law firm Oracle Law Group Office P.C. (3) When stopped, the officer will likely request that you take various field sobriety tests or an HGN eye test. Neither test is required by Arizona law.  And, these tests are not always accurate.  In addition, unlike a blood, breath or urine test, the results of these tests are left to the discretion of the testing officer.  As such, you should refuse to do any eye or physical tests. (4) You should only submit to a blood, breath or urine test after speaking with your Phoenix DUI attorney. (5)  You should request that the police officer preserve these tests for independent testing. (6) You should demand to be released for independent testing.  (7) You should meet with your drunk driving attorney at the Phoenix law firm Oracle Law Group Office P.C. as soon as possible so that your Phoenix DUI attorney can make certain that your rights are protected and if possible, have the Arizona DUI charges brought against you dismissed.