A Necessary Evil to Getting Your License Back: Drug and/or Alcohol Screening

Screening and counseling are two distinct parts of the same process. Screening is like a diagnosis (you have an infection) and counseling is the solution (the treatment, antibiotics). You just need screening, not counseling, to have your license reinstated. The court, however, may expect you to complete counseling.

What is the difference between screening and counseling?

Screening: An oral and/or written test to determine whether or not and the extent to which you have a substance abuse problem. You can think of it as the diagnosis of an illness by a health care professional. The screening must be completed by a certified or licensed substance abuse counselor.

Counseling: Treatment with a licensed substance abuse counselor to assist you with resolving problems associated with consumption of alcohol, drugs or combination thereof. You can think of it as the treatment of the identified illness by a health care professional.