4-Month Jail Term For Second DUI Completed By Mark Grace

Former Diamondbacks broadcaster and first-baseman Mark Grace was released Monday June 10th from his four-month sentence in Tent City Jail. Grace started his work-release sentence in February after pleading guilty to his second DUI charge. He was ordered to check in at 6 p.m. and was released at 6 a.m. daily from the Maricopa County jail.

This was Grace’s second DUI arrest in the city of Scottsdale in 15 months. Furthermore, he was driving without an interlock device which was a violation of his probation.

After his second DUI arrest, the Diamondbacks fired him from his role as team broadcaster. Grace was later rehired as a minor-league coach and instructor, beginning his new job Feb. 11. In a May press conference at Tent City Grace stated, “I’m not an evil person…I made a rotten decision and ended up here.”

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