2013 St. Patrick’s Day DUI Arrest Statistics

According to Authorities, Police made fewer arrests for DUI over St. Patrick’s Day weekend this year than they did in 2012.  From Thursday through Sunday, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety reported 273 DUI arrests throughout the state. 19 of the arrests were for aggravated DUI as compared to 33 arrests the previous year. 72 of the arrests were for extreme DUI as compared to 92 arrests the year prior.  The average blood alcohol content, according to reports from the highway safety office, was 0.150 percent.

In previous years, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety has organized statewide DUI task forces. This year, however, individual agencies throughout the state conducted their own DUI enforcement through saturation efforts. Alberto Gutier, director of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, said, “Agencies did a good job. The numbers are not as huge as maybe expected, but we arrested 273 people that could have caused a crash or inured somebody or killed somebody.”

What accounts for the decline in arrests?

According to Mr. Gutier, the decline may be partly due to public education: “Maybe our Drive Hammered Get Nailed slogans and the messages on the freeways and a lot of things we do, maybe that’s just getting through.” Mr. Gutier also said the day of the week likely contributed to the decline: “It’s a Sunday holiday and people . . . don’t go out as much because they have to go to work on Monday morning.”

Tempe Police Department traffic Lieutenant Randy Wilson attributes the decline in arrests to the high visibility of police officers. Lieutenant Wilson said, “We have made a huge impact just for the simple fact that we have the visibility. That’s our point, to make people think twice.” Unfortunately, according to Lieutenant Wilson, DUI will never be completely prevented.  Although Lieutenant Wilson said it is hard to know why people are willing to take the risk, he believes many of those arrested for DUI did not think they were too impaired to drive.

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